Build and scale your Referral Network

Pabius redefines prospecting  with technology your agency can easily deploy to own and grow an exclusive channel of insurance referrals.

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The Pabius Platform Advantage
Why Build a Referral Network

Get more referrals.

Earn more premium.

Reduce churn.

Pabius is an automated and legally compliant tool for insurance agencies to build and scale their referral networks.


It Works

  • 1 | Invite contacts to join your agency's Referral Network
  • 2 | Referrals from those contacts become great clients
  • 3 | We reward your Referral Network for being great referrers
A Flying Insurance Referral
Then, simply focus on providing great customer service to your best new clients.
The Pabius platform

Get More Referrals.

This is the first easy, measurable and scalable way for an insurance agency to meaningfully reward their referral makers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Referrals are essential for the health and growth of any Agency.

Auto-expand your sales funnel and your book of business by enabling your agents to engage their networks to actively grow referrals, without neglecting existing clients.

How many of your agents do you want to be great?

Earn More Premium.

Referred first-year clients have the lowest acquisition costs of all other sources, generate 5x the revenue of non-referred clients, and have 25% higher retention rates.

Referrals are the single best source of client in the Universe.

Their higher retention rates and likelihood to engage in higher premiums aren't the only reason referred clients are best. Referrals who become clients consume less of your agency's resources because they're less problematic.

How many of your clients do you want to be great?

Reduce Churn.

Referred clients switch insurance providers less often when compared to non-referred clients.

Referred clients feel better about the relationship with their provider because their needs are better aligned with the service they receive.

As a result, they're easier to service, require less maintenance and are more likely to renew.

Referral Activity

Referral activity is fragmented today as agencies reward referral makers in disparate ways.

As a consequence, referral data doesn't get measured and there's a lack of incentive for referral makers to make more frequent, quality referrals to your agency.

It's time to find and reward your best referral makers and build your referral network.

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